Joseph Woelfl

(1773 - 1812)






Oeuvre with more more than 630 works known up to now covering all types from piano piece to grand opera

Piano virtuoso

Relegated Beethoven to 2nd rang in a piano competion, foundation for Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Liszt

Compositon lecturer

Originator of the English Piano School, gave the first lessons in modern compostion tuition

"I beg your pardon, my name is Woelfl, Joseph Woelfl."

"I welcome you to my virtual residence and I am delighted about your visit. Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a contemporary of Mozart, Beethoven und Haydn and with all due modesty I consider myself as the fourth grand master of Viennese Classic. During my lifetime I was one of the most renowned composers and piano virtuosos. I may rightfully assert, that I was one of the few who accomplished extraordinary results in both areas. My compositions range from easy piano pieces to grand operas. Their performances were always a great success. Large numbers of copies of my sheet music were sold. I toured extensively all over Europe playing concerts. They as well as my opera performances always attracted large audiences and my piano playing was highly appreciated by critics and other musicians, too. In retrospect I'm filled with contentment and pride that my activities as piano and composition teacher enriched the musical world beyond my earthly life. Much to my regret and I willingly admit also to my displeasure I fell progressively into oblivion by end of the 19th century.

Therefore I am all the more delighted to notice a new awakening of interest in my music. In May 2015 Margit Haider-Dechant founded the Joseph Woelfl society in Bonn together with other interested persons. The society's aim is to raise the awareness of my life and work for the general public. You will find extensive information about myself and the Joseph Woelfl Society on this website. I cordially invite you to look around my virtual residence!"